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Supporting credit unions serve their members

Supporting credit unions serve their members

Credit unions face significant challenges including changing member needs, increased competition and sustained low interest rates. In parallel new opportunities emerge as banks exit the market, digital and product capabilities expand, and the industry restructures.
To remain competitive credit unions must review their strategic options on a regular basis. To achieve financial sustainability an integrated transformation across value proposition, business model, financial model, governance and risk is required.
CUDA helps credit unions develop their strategic capabilities via support with strategic planning, business model transformation and knowledge transfer to CEOs and boards.
Credit unions benefit from CUDA’s unique expertise which considers socio-economic factors, their individual requirement, and are compliant with legal and regulatory obligations.

CUDA enables business model change through its range of digital, lending, training and procurement solutions delivered using collaborative, not-for-profit shared services..
With 19yrs experience supporting credit union development, a clear vision for the sector, and an impartial approach that places credit unions first, CUDA is uniquely positioned to support.
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Services for Credit Unions
  • Strategic planning
  • CEO and Board workshops
  • Data and insights
  • Enabling solutions
Benefits for Members
  • Member needs first
  • Broader product choice
  • Enhanced service delivery
  • Greater member rewards
Benefits for Credit Union
  • Industry expertise
  • Objective views
  • Practical solutions
  • Legal and regulatory compliance