Securing fair deals and enabling evolution of the credit union model

Professional and proactive Representation is essential as credit unions seek to manage COVID, deal with increased complexity and secure financial sustainability.

To succeed credit unions must augment member trust with a modern business model based on capability and performance. This requires investment in products, technologies and skills, which is best done on a collaborative basis to create economies of scope and scale.

In parallel policy makers must remove anomalies that constrain credit unions, provide a level playing field with competitors, and enable new opportunities for capable credit unions. As banks exit the market and consumers seek flexible, face-to-face alternatives this has never been more critical.

Credit unions benefit from CUDA’s deep expertise across credit unions, technology and compliance; a tailored approach; and professional and transparent delivery.

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Representing members with legislators and regulators to secure fair treatment and enable evolution of the credit union business model.

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Enhancing credit union strategic planning and business model transformation with expert advice, data and workshops.

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Procurement Support

Securing better deals by scoping requirements, selecting best-fit partners and implementing using credit union service organisations (CUSOs).

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