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Procurement Support

Leverage collaborative procurement to secure competitive deals

Leverage collaborative procurement to secure competitive deals

As credit unions embrace collaborative procurement and invest in greater digital and product capabilities, procurement practices must evolve to ensure best use of member funds.

CUDA helps credit unions secure better deals by scoping business requirements, tender management, selecting best-fit partners and implemented using credit union service organisations (CUSOs).

Credit unions benefit from economies of scope, accessing solutions from world-class suppliers not possible on a standalone basis. Costs are reduced through procurement at scale and securing deals which are transparent on total costs and service levels.

CUDA operates in a professional manner to ensure solutions are future proofed, compliant with legal and
regulatory requirements and implemented to avoid disruption to staff and members. Credit unions remain in control while reducing execution risk.

Since 2016 CUDA has delivered successful procurement support in Digital Marketing, CRM and Banking Systems with world-class partners such as Microsoft and ID Pal.

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Services for Credit Unions
  • Scoping business requirement
  • Tender management
  • Shared procurement using CUSOs
  • Implementation support
Benefits for Members
  • Member needs first
  • Broader product choice
  • Enhanced service delivery
  • Savings passed to members
Benefits for Credit Union
  • Economies of scope
  • Lower costs
  • Strong service level agreements
  • World class partners
  • Low execution risk