Journey to the Model Credit Union

A growing membership base and strong brand approval demonstrate that people desire the ethical approach which credit unions champion.

To regain and sustain competitiveness credit unions must urgently adopt a more strategic approach, augmenting trust with a modern business model based on capability and performance.

Value Proposition

The Model Credit Union differentiates based on relationship, playing an active role in member decision making. It proactively targets the most profitable opportunities using compelling messages, personalised products and frictionless experiences on the channel members prefer, including digital self-service. Preferred partners are utilised to extend market reach.

Business Model

Well-trained advisors and staff operate in a performance culture with appropriate resources. Processes are optimised and where appropriate automated to improve efficiency and turnaround times. The Model Credit Union leverages the SEGMENTS rich data it holds on member income, spending and borrowing using CRM, creating a virtuous circle where data drives better business model design and member engagement.

Financial Model

Income is driven by lending but diversified by proprietary and 3rd party products which cover member lifetime financial needs. Costs are aggressively managed using digital and CUDA’s credit union owned shared services. The Model Credit Union operates with a resilient Balance Sheet, offering a wide range of investment options and cheap, long- term funding via intra-sector liquidity and syndicated loans, bonds and securitisation.


The Model Credit Union sustains with strong management and board leadership, high standards and competitive deals from suppliers. Consistent compliance with internal and regulatory requirements, alongside sustainable financial performance, allow the Model Credit Union to secure additional permissions to pursue new business opportunities.