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Create a new paradigm in member engagement, online and in-branch

Create a new paradigm in member engagement, online and in-branch

Hive is a customized CRM solution for online and in-branch member engagement, helping credit unions to convert leads, manage workflows and deliver service excellence.

Hive creates a new paradigm in member engagement by enabling personalised service on the channels members prefer, providing deep insights on member needs, and creating process efficiencies that improve turnaround times.

Hive features include:

Member Engagement
Manage sales, marketing and service requests; capture consents and engage members using bulk email, SMS and Ezines.

Workflow Management
Pipelines, task automation, diary integrations and visual indicators ensure timely and accurate processes.

Business Intelligence
Analytics and dashboards to segment markets, profile members and manage performance in real-time.

When combined with Digital Marketing and FinTech Enablers, members receive a frictionless journey that allows them to apply for a loan within 5mins. Credit unions receive the application in real-time and achieve conversion rates of up to 93%.

Hive is based on world-class Microsoft cloud technologies. Credit unions receive a constant stream of new functionality and can integrate solutions from CUDA’s FinTech marketplace and third-parties with API capability.

Costs are minimised using collaborative, not-for-profit shared, and the Hive User Group own the product roadmap and determines which functionality is prioritised.

Launched in 2019, Hive has helped credit unions enhance member experience, grow income and generate rich data to improve business design and performance. For more information contact us or visit

Features for Credit Unions
  • Sales management
  • Service management
  • Workflow tools
  • Real-time intelligence
  • FinTech marketplace
  • Hive user group
Benefits for Members
  • Personalised engagement
  • Excellent member experience
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Trust
Benefits for Credit Union
  • Personalise member engagement
  • 30% better lead conversion
  • Enhanced service
  • Staff time savings
  • Data-driven business design
  • Cost saving versus standalone