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Fintech Enablers

Improve conversion rates and onboard members and loans 15x faster

Improve conversion rates and onboard members and loans 15x faster

FinTech Enablers help credit unions generate income by streamlining member engagement from advert to approval.

Application for membership and loans can be submitted within 5 minutes, while credit unions approve applications up to 15x faster than manual processes when combined with Hive.

FinTech Enablers include:

Check for common bond using Eircode to reduce out-of-bond requests.

Affordability Calculator
Help members find best-fit loans, leading to more loans issued with higher principles and tenors.

Onboarding Application
Originate members and loans in 5 minutes with online forms including ID verification and secure document upload.

Outbound Platform
Engage and re-activate members in an economic manner using bulk email, SMS and Ezines.

Frictionless member journeys and fast turnaround times significantly increase sales and marketing effectiveness, with a 93% conversion rate when combined with Hive.

Delivered using collaborative, not-for-profit shared services, FinTech Enablers create high return on investment by increasing membership and growing lending with higher principles and tenors.

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Features for Credit Unions
  • Common bond check
  • Affordability calculator
  • Online loan and member application
  • Re-activate dormant members
Benefits for Members
  • Anytime, anywhere service
  • 5 min application process
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Excellent member experience
Benefits for Credit Union
  • 93% conversion rate with Hive
  • Higher average loan principles and tenors
  • Fully compliant
  • High return on investment