Focus on Digital

The Solution Centre has a range of digital solutions to help credit unions extend market reach, improve member engagement and grow lending.

Designed with our members and world- class partners, our solutions can be used standalone or integrated to create a one-stop solution.

We deliver using credit union owned shared services, providing significant cost savings versus 3rd party suppliers, the ability to replicate best practice among users and prioritise development based on their needs.

The Solution Centre also innovates complimentary new products, processes and partnerships, ensuring you and your members will get more return from your technology investment.


Hive: Your primary Member Engagement tool

Our proprietary CRM platform built on Microsoft technology, Hive creates a new paradigm in Member Engagement by providing deep insights on member needs, allowing you to deliver personalised experiences on the channels and frequency they prefer. Rich data on market segments, products and performance are actionable using power-BI analytics, helping you target the most profitable opportunities with competitive value propositions. Hive supports efficient workflows through automated pipeline and lead management, ensuring you capture opportunities. Cloud-based, new capabilities can be added quickly from an App store, and real-time integrations made to reliable 3rd parties.

Digital Marketing:

Leverage social media and Google to grow lending

Our range of supports augment your in- house capability and deliver high return on investment (ROI). Applying digital marketing and credit union expertise, we craft compelling, customised messages for your common bond and deliver precisely to your target audience across multiple channels. By optimising website design and processes we ensure a smooth member journey from advert to application. Active campaign management helps you measure effectiveness and adjust for high performance, freeing up staff to focus on converting leads into loans.


Frictionless online loan origination

Plug-ins allow credit unions to enhance their member engagement and experience. Plug-ins can be used standalone but the full benefit comes with integration – members engage with Digital Marketing, auto-check for common bond in Percolate, advise using the Affordability Calculator and submit an Online Loan Application. Optimised member journeys increase conversion while being efficient and compliant for the credit union. Onboarding will be launched shortly.