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Credit Union Advisory Committee – research with all CU Directors

By Owner Members, Representation

CUDA encourage all Directors to take the opportunity to complete the survey circulated by CUAC, endorsed by the Minister for Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform. In his covering note the Minister stated “your responses will be invaluable in helping the CUAC, my officials and me to understand the experiences of credit union directors today and help guide future policy formulation”. This is a key part of CUAC’s workplan for 2019 and is a great opportunity to get your voice heard, please contact CUDA office if you require any assistance with this matter.

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CUDA presents at UCC 2019 Summer School

By Competency and Training, Owner Members

Positioning Credit Unions for the next 5 years and beyond poses big questions for credit unions, such as how do you plan for a world that is in constant flux? and how do you make a credit union fluid enough to respond to constant change and volatility? In this presentation the CUDA CEO breaks these big challenges down in manageable steps, the key is to start with a clear purpose which CUDA believes is “improving the financial, social and environmental well-being of credit union members and their communities”, then identify the strategic themes, the appropriate measures ad finally the enablers and initiatives. CUDA and the Solution Centre roadmap are helping credit unions to get their positioning right.

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Solution Centre ProEnergy Home Loan on RTE News

By Governance, Owner Members, Strategic Development

We were delighted to see the Solution Centre Manager Cathal Tyther on Six One & 9 o’clock news on Wednesday 19th June talking about

With this project the Credit Union is enabling more home owners members to retrofit their homes and improve their BER rating. Participating members benefit from low rate finance, easy access to grant funding and project managed alterations.

The clip from RTE News can be viewed here.

If your Credit Union would like to know more about the ProEnergy initiative, please visit or contact