Re-tasking Digital Marketing to Support Pandemic Communications Strategy

Hi all, 

We are all in the midst of unprecedented emergency measures that are impacting on each and every person.

We are aware that traditional marketing, focusing exclusively on lending may not be appropriate over the coming weeks, however, many credit unions are receiving an excellent response by pivoting to campaigns highlighting Credit Union services during the crises and praising the efforts of members, the credit union staff and other front-line workers.

Given the uncertainty of the present time it is essential that the services and supports that the credit union offers are highlighted and awareness of operational changes are communicated.

Current Practices

We have observed that credit unions are using Facebook as a primary channel for communicating through posts and boosted posts which has drawbacks.

Facebook limits the reach on posts from Business Pages to about one in fifty of your followers, so if there are key messages you would like to convey at this time it is best to achieve this through paid advertising.  Boosted posts can help increase the reach of a message but have drawbacks.

A promoted Facebook post will only be visible in the Facebook newsfeed, this will limit messaging to members who have engaged with the Credit Union on Facebook and excludes members not using Facebook and other stakeholders.

Our Solution

A multi-channel approach work for reaching nearly everyone in your target audience. Positive messages from the Credit Union and messages around business continuity and supports will be targeted to your members and others from your community through:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google
  • Google partners (most websites and smartphone apps you see with ad space)

We have the skills and experience in ensuring that best value for budget in using these channels and will continue to supply reports quantifying the reach and engagement of these campaigns.


We have attached samples of ad copy and a messaging plan that might be appropriate at this time so please feel free to work with us to discuss your requirements and announcements.  The messages can be cycled on a fortnightly basis depending on their importance.

Strategy Topic Date Topic Audience
Business Continuity Constant Opening hours Common bond & Membership
  Constant Online Banking Recruitment Membership
  Constant Online Loan Application Membership
Community Support Week 1 Medical staff Support Common bond & Membership
  Week 2 Farming Community Support Common bond & Membership
  Week 3 Credit Union Staff Support Common bond & Membership
CU  Services Constant Loan repayment difficulties Membership
  Constant Lending Common bond & Membership
Sample advertising copy






Next Steps

We ask all our client credit unions to consider the key operational messages that they need broadcast over the coming weeks and to email us these.  We will be in touch over the coming days to get feedback on other advertising copy around other themes listed above.

While we change messaging for the moment it is still important that we maintain search engine advertising as before to ensure that members seeking services are put directly in touch with the credit union and not competitors.

Kind regards,