Practical Solutions – Online Loan Applications

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You are no doubt under a lot of pressure managing your credit union’s response to COVID-19 as events continue to unfold at a pace. Accordingly, I will keep this message very brief and simply wish to update you on another practical solution we are making available to you to try to help out at this time.

The digital Loan Flexibility Request Form has now been made available to a large number of credit unions. The standardised approach can be adopted at scale and speed so if you have not requested a version for your credit union and would like one, please do let us know – link to a sample version can be found here:

Online Loan Applications

As there are likely to be requests for credit facilities and to facilitate remote service provision, we have developed a standardised online loan application form for you to use over the coming weeks while the emergency measures are in effect.

This form can be easily accessed by all members, even if they are not registered for online banking, and can be linked to your website or social media posts. The form has been specifically designed to capture any information on the impact of Covid-19 on the applicant’s employment. Submission of the form generates a date stamped PDF application form to your credit union with a copy going to the Member.

We have also drafted a Procedural Document that explains the process for handling applications during social distancing measures, how and what the credit union communicates, what the credit union seeks by way of financial information and the assessment completed by the credit union.

If you would like the Online Loan Application web form branded for your credit union and a copy of the Procedural Document, please email

As always, if there is anything else we can be of assistance with, please do let us know.

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