Working from Home Policy

A new Working from Home Policy in word format for customisation in your Credit Union has been circulated to CEOs and uploaded onto CUSP.

If you have implemented or are considering remote working arrangements during this unprecedented situation, please also take into account the following:

  1. Contacts

Please ensure that:

A) The Credit Union has up to date contact details of staff members

B) Staff members have necessary contact details including, for example,  the CEO (both work and mobile for emergency),their direct reporting officer, and the IT/Operational Manager

  1. H&S

By way of general supports and employee welfare, it is also important that a mechanism is in place to ensure that staff working remotely are in regular contact with the CEO and/or other staff members of the credit union. Working from home does not remove H&S responsibilities of the Credit Union.

  1. GDPR/Security

The DPC Guidance for Controllers on Data Security (February 2020) is also available on CUSP.  Please pass this on to your IT/Operational Manager as it sets out the minimum considerations when establishing remote working arrangements – NB see page 8.

  1. Variation to Contracts

Inform the staff that the arrangement is temporary and does not otherwise alter terms and conditions of contract. Where there is an specific alteration such as a reduction in working hours, please do include this in your written communication to the staff member noting it as a variation to their Contract.