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While Credit Unions advertise their services and maintain a strong presence in their Common Bond there is a need for targeted marketing campaigns in particular to engage passive members and non-members. These campaigns should be supported by systems to measure the accuracy and efficiency of each campaign.

This project starts to address these shortcomings, while also demonstrating that it is possible to obtain the benefits of collaborating and provide the confidence that will encourage building on this approach to tackle more aggressive and ambitious projects.

The Web App is designed around central set of questions which is of interest to anyone requiring credit to finance a specific need. Basic applicant contact and financial data is captured, and this provides indicative suitability of the candidate for the loan, who can select from a clicker date\time for callback by their credit union to continue and complete full loan application process.

Each participating credit union has their own version of the web APP, branded with their own logo, T&Cs, etc. A facebook geotargeting advertising campaign, target by location critical to ensure efficiency of ad, with full monitoring and measurement included in this inaugural project.