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Securing fair treatment and enabling evolution of the credit union model

Securing fair treatment and enabling evolution of the credit union model

Credit unions are disadvantaged by an overwhelming array of legislation and regulation. Meaningful change is required to remove anomalies, provide a level playing field, and enable a model that allows credit unions to renew the economy and improve long-term financial, social and environmental wellbeing.

The changes required are complex, overlapping and require policy makers to work together and with sector stakeholders.

Immediate opportunities include enabling more lending to social and affordable housing, business borrowers and community projects which creates consumer choice and helps credit unions grow income.

Credit union balance sheets must be modernised to deal with savings inflows, provide a wider range of investment options, long-term sources of capital and ALM mechanisms such as syndication and sector liquidity.

Elements of common bond which restrict online lending and partnerships with nationally active businesses should be reviewed.

CUDA advocates for change by engaging legislators, regulators and industry stakeholders in a professional and proactive manner. CUDA’s agenda is determined by owner members and made transparent via monthly updates.

CUDA’s strong relationships and unique knowledge of the credit union environment mean requests are based on valid business cases and encompass legal and compliance requirements, improving engagement.

Credit unions achieve a stronger voice through collaboration and have benefited from flexible treatment during COVID-19, reduced regulatory charges, approval to increase lending via CP125 and multiple submissions on the future of the credit union and banking sectors.

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Services for Credit Unions
  • Creating new opportunities
  • Ensuring fair treatment
  • Ensuring a level playing field
  • Presenting a positive image
Benefits for Credit Union
  • Approval to offer more services
  • Savings on charges and levies
  • Stronger voice through collaboration
  • Sector sustainability