Building The Model Credit Union

Defined. Delivered. Together.

Ireland’s Leading Credit Union Development Association

Incorporated in 2003, today CUDA is proud to serve 50 of Ireland’s most progressive credit unions with a strong voice, leadership and value-creating solutions which enhance strategic and operational capabilities.

Our services and solutions are modular, providing you with the flexibility to utilise only what is relevant, and designed with credit unions to ensure business fit and compliance.

CUDA delivers using collaborative, not-for-profit shared services which create economies of scope, scale and replication of best practise. Being credit union owned, benefits flow directly to you and your members free from vested interest.

CUDA’s experienced team operates with a sense of purpose and a clear vision about supporting member credit unions in ‘Improving the financial, social and environmental well-being of credit union members and their communities’.

Our unique offering consistently delivers more value to our members daily business’. In 2019 we achieved 3 successes in the regulatory sphere, led 3 major business model initiatives, launched our Hive CRM solution, trained 500+ people and generated 18,000 loan leads worth €117m via digital channels.

Whether your credit union is large or small, community or industrial, CUDA has the solutions, vision and commitment to improve your capabilities and competitiveness, today and for future generations.

Our services


Lobbying for fair and proportionate legislative and regulatory treatment as the voice of CUDA Owners, securing fair deals from suppliers and presenting a positive image to stakeholders and society.

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Strategy & Solutions

Business solutions that deliver tangible results. The key focuses are lending growth, improving market reach and member engagement, supported by innovation of complementary products, processes and partnerships.

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Training & Development

Role and function-based courses and toolkits to help staff, management and boards improve their effectiveness, develop new capabilities and attain CPD.

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On-demand helpdesk and IT solutions to support credit unions fulfil
their duty of care, meet PRISM requirements and internal governance challenges. Monitor all impacting legislation and regulations, updating policies as necessary.

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#1 Member Owned & Led

CUDA is run for the sole purpose of enhancing members business’, free from vested interests. Our strategy prioritises our members needs, with solutions designed to ensure business fit and compliance.

#2 Collaborative

CUDA utilises not-for- profit shared services to create economies of scope, scale and replication of best practise. We provide solutions and expertise which are not viable as a standalone entity.

#3 Unique Approach

CUDA operates with a clear vision for credit unions and a sense of purpose for its members, delivered by a skilled and committed team with a proactive approach.

#4 Track Record

CUDA has a long track record of delivering projects and solutions which create tangible benefits for our members. Year-on-year more like-minded credit unions join CUDA.

Member Led Priorities

#1 Grow Lending

Improving our member’s profitability by growing loan issuance, improving life-cycle management and delivering new segmental and product opportunities in personal, housing and business lending.

#2 Improve Competitiveness

Enabling competitive value propositions by utilising data to understand member needs and meeting these effectively in all channels. We will lobby for B. Sheet evolution and leverage CUDA shared services for scope and cost economies.

#3 Enhance Capabilities

Grow and diversify income while improving member engagement and experience via training, digital solutions, product and community partnerships.

#4 Provide Leadership

CUDA’s will represent its members with legislators and regulators to ensure fair and proportionate treatment. We will secure competitive deals from suppliers and create a framework for collaboration and replication of best practice.