What is CUDA?

CUDA, the Credit Union Development Association, is a progressive representative and development association working on behalf of member-owned, member-directed and professionally managed Credit Unions in Ireland.  We are the only legally incorporated representative association for Credit Unions in the Republic of Ireland and are formally recognised by Government, the Central Bank and Financial Regulator.

CUDA acts as a catalyst for the growth, development and expansion of progressive Credit Unions.  Our main purpose is to support progressive Credit Unions in delivering their promise to their members to be the most reliable, trustworthy financial partner. 

CUDA was formed in 2003 by its members in recognition of the real need for positive credit union leadership and development and as a response to a more competitive and increasingly complex business environment.   Today CUDA membership is comprised of Ireland’s most progressive and leading credit unions, with a combined asset base of over €1.5 billion and over 250,000 members.


Statement - Newbridge Credit Union

CUDA is extremely concerned about the Central Bank and Government's decision to transfer the member owned Newbridge Credit Union to the State owned Permanent TSB.  Statement available here.


Credit Union Act 2012 

The Credit Union Act 2012 (Credit Union and Co-Operation with Overseas Regulators Act 2012) was enacted on the 19th December 2012. The Act is now published and can be found by logging on to our Members' Area (CUSP). Additional support information, including a summary of the Act, is located on our news and media desk and in the CUDA monthly Information Briefings.                        


CUSP - Credit Union Support Platform

Objectives of the Credit Union Support Platform:

  1. Designed to support our member Credit Unions in their efforts to achieve regulatory compliance in an accessible cost effective manner.
  2. Risk Management System to allow our member Credit Unions to identify, assess and manage Risk in a regulatory compliant manner.
  3. CUSP explore and provides opportunities for cooperation across CUDA member Credit Unions.
  4. CUSP facilitates knowledge sharing, as well as the identification of best practices across all areas of the business.
  5. CUSP is also host to wealth of information, including news articles, mandatory policies and training requirements and database of the Legislation Acts and Regulatory Guidance and all supporting information.