hat significant achievements has CUDA attained?


The Credit Union Director's Handbook

CUDA has developed Director's Handbook to help Directors fulfil, to their full potential, their new or existing roles. The Handbook descripes the duties and responsibilities, and gives a Director the basic information needed to carry them out.

To assist Directors in the changing financial and economic environmental CUDA intends to up date this Handbook on a regular basis. Handbook is available for all CUDA Member Credit Unions Directors.

Full version of Handbook is available on CUSP website.


CUDA Credit Union Development Programme

CUDA and the DCU Ryan Academy launched the CUDAS Directors and Supervisors Development Programme for Credit Unions in May 2010. The programme is designed to help Credit Union Directors and Board Oversight Committees gain a better understanding of their statutory obligations and provide them with the necessary skills to lead the Credit Union of the future. More information is available here.

Credit Union Advisor Qualification

This joint initiative with CUMA introduced a professional qualification specifically for Credit Unions, which is approved by the Financial Regulator in respect of insurance minimum competency requirements. Please find more information here.

The value based Credit Union model

The ethos and philosophy of a Credit Union is based on helping individuals to help themselves, their families and the wider community in which they live and work. This cooperative based philosophy, set of values and principles that delivers the Credit Union value based economic and social model continues to stand the test of time. Collectively we need to ensure that the supports for this model evolve to ensure that they continue to be capable of meeting the ever changing challenges we face. CUDA have produced a strategic framework that will act as a roadmap to achieve this. It addresses the key areas of prudential management, the crafting and redefinition of Credit Union business strategy, governance and operations, and finally calls for the introduction of enabling legislation and regulatory framework. Please find more information in our publications.

Deposit Guarantee Scheme

CUDA campaigned for a statutory savings protection scheme for all Credit Union members.  This was achieved with the introduction of a State guarantee of up to €100,000 per saver, the importance of which cannot be overstated. Indeed, what made CUDA’s achievement all the more laudable was the fact that it was accomplished despite efforts of others within the Credit Union movement to resist its introduction.

Return of Cuna Mutual to Ireland

CUDA was responsible for the return of Cuna Mutual – the world’s largest provider of insurance services to Credit Unions, to Ireland.  This has resulted in enhanced competition in the Irish Cre­dit Union insurances market, resulting in greater benefits and savings for Credit Unions and their members.

CUDA – An International WOCCU Partner

CUDA has developed close mutually beneficial relations with WOCCU.  As well as being a Gold Supporter CUDA became a recognised international partner in 2008.