How to join

Joining a Credit Union is easy. Once you are within the common bond, you simply apply for membership, and start savings by purchasing a share in the credit union.

Every person who saves in a credit union is an owner, and has a say in its running. Each member has one vote in the running of the credit union. As a democratic financial co-operative, a credit union is controlled by its members.

As a member you have a right to say in how your credit union is run. The best way to exercise this right is to attend the annual general meeting, where you have one vote, no matter how many or how few shares (savings) you have.

As one of the owners of the credit union, you have a right to know how it is being run, and how it is performing, and with this right comes the responsibility to contribute to the effective and fair running of the credit union. Members are urged to attend general meetings, contribute to discussions about credit union matters, and, with care, elect to office people who will have the general good of the membership at heart. Members are also encouraged to become involved in the day-to-day running of the credit union as volunteers.

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