Credit Union Membership ... what does it mean?


Every person who saves in a credit union is an owner, and has a say in its running. Each member has one vote in the running of the credit union, regardless of the amount of business he or she has at the credit union. The member has a right to vote at Annual General Meetings, and when electing the Board of Directors. Members can also stand for positions on the board.
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Credit unions are motivated to put their members' needs first, and therefore provide excellent service. There are no external shareholders influencing its activities. Credit unions are owned by members for members and their Boards reflect the will of the membership.

The credit union movement does not focus on profit-making alone. Credit unions are not-for-profit mutual financial co-operatives, with all profits going back to the members.

Credit unions provide low cost finance, with loans tailored to the member's needs. They offer the flexibility to make larger repayments than agreed or to make lump sum repayments at no penalty. There are no hidden or additional costs.

Excellent dividends are paid to members for all savings or shares in the credit union.