What are our purpose and principles?

Based on the core purpose of Credit Unions of making the lives of members, their families and their communities better by providing financial independence through access to financial services, financial products and financial education. CUDA’s purpose is to act as a catalyst for the growth, development and expansion of progressive credit unions, and to help them to deliver their promises to their members.

Our principles are beliefs we will never let go of and that guide how we behave:

1. CUDA is a legally incorporated entity
… working with its owners and acting in their best interests. We have clearly defined democratic governance and a bottom up approach that reflects we’re all in this together.

2. CUDA is financially strong
… CUDA is lean and provides excellent value for money.  We are commercial, with different types of membership based on rules reflecting the segmented audience. However, we do not allow commercial considerations to undermine our founding objectives.

3. CUDA is ethical and acts with integrity and honesty
… We encourage progressive Credit Unions to be models of ethical compliance.  CUDA acts with integrity and honesty and is fair in all it does.  It has limited rules that it sticks to, and strives to support its owners in the right way.

4. CUDA supports the further growth and development of the co-operative Credit Union model and progressive Credit Unions
… We lead by example with clear direction, continually seek to innovate, stretch and develop ourselves and member Credit Unions.

5. CUDA is accessible and responsive
… striving for constant strong two way communication with its members and other stakeholders.

6. CUDA will always remain true to founding objectives
… and will always act in its owners best interests.